Soffit and Fascia Installation Sarasota


Soffit and fascia may need to be replaced due to wear, damage or a need for a different color. The purpose of fascia is to cap the edge of the roof trusses to prevent exposure to the weather and insects as well as increase structural integrity. The soffit runs from the top of the wallboard to the bottom of the fascia. It is a barrier from the elements, insects, birds and rodents while still providing ventilation and airflow to the attic. It is also a beautiful accent to the decor of your home and comes in many colors that will compliment your look.

The Soffit and Fascia are the key components of what we think of when we look at a home’s roof line. When these are incorrectly installed or are made of inferior products, problems will always be on the horizon. Our aluminum products solve the problem of inferior product choice, and our expert installers know how to get your soffit and fascia installation right. Our installation saves you time and compounding costs with a true low maintenance option. You can rest easy knowing your home is protected from the elements. You can rest easy knowing we’ve installed a superior option for the integrity and durability for your home’s roof.

Why Your Fascia or Soffit Need Repair

If you notice your gutters sagging or leaking, if you see water is running behind your gutters or you notice damp spots on your interior walls you should have your fascia board checked for rot. Florida routinely experiences tropical storms, thunderstorms with high wind gusts and the occasional hurricane, any one of these could potentially peel away the aluminum fascia.

Although the fascia has an aluminum covering the unlying structure is wood and should be inspected regularly in damp climates. The gutters are attached to the fascia and can fall or be torn away from a rotted fascia board potentially causing damage to the structure or nearby structures. Roof integrity relies on this cap to keep the wind from getting under the roof edge so a rotted board could comprise the roof. Along the same line, the roof beams and edge may also become rotted if the problem goes unnoticed.

The soffit can become damaged and even the smallest gap between panels can be enough to allow rats, squirrels and bats to invade the attic and cause costly damage to the insulation and wiring. It is important to inspect the soffit to ensure all the seams and edges are flush and tight.

If you had your soffit painted and they applied the paint too heavily the ventilation holes may have been sealed. This will prevent the flow of air under your eaves trapping more heat in the attic and raising the cost of cooling.

At Supreme Seamless Gutters, we offer free estimates and can assist in all your fascia and soffit repairs and installation needs. Give us a call today before additional damage is done.